Who we are . . .

The principals of FeedDealer.Com have collectively been in the feed business and feed business support for over forty  years, with a combined knowledge of over one-hundred  years.  We have in the past worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, a large national company involved in the livestock and pet feed industry, and an international agricultural software company.  We currently have as clients national and international agribusiness companies along with several not for profit organizations. 

One aspect that makes FeedDealer.com unique, is that it is actually a collection of independent companies that work together to service agriculturally based clients, such as feed companies, feed dealers and allied industries.   Our independent companies are:

We specialize in support services for the feed and livestock industries.  Our skills include database marketing and data manipulation, web design, customer feedback surveys, contest data entry, electronic and printed marketing publications, and CD duplication services.

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Dr. Michael Stachiw, Ph.D.
Phone: 314-428-3156
Fax: 314-428-4102
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Ms. Rita Fosse
Phone: 314-428-2671
Fax: 314-428-4102
Mrs. Dede Hoffman
Phone: 314-330-2157
Fax: 314-428-4102

Mrs. JoAnn Riggs

Phone: (618) 530-7453
(702) 201-1641
Dr. Glenn Walther
Phone: 800-208-6963
Fax: 314-428-4102